The National Scientific and Educational Institute of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy offers programs in non-formal education — the education obtained mainly according to educational programs and without assigning the official state-recognized degrees, though partial educational degrees may be awarded upon the programs completion. The studying outcomes gained under the non-formal education are recognized in the formal educational system in accordance with legislation.

The main types of non-formal education offered by

The National Scientific and Educational Institute of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy according to the law of Ukraine are:
  • in-person learning (daytime, evening time)
  • correspondence
  • distance
  • network learning
  • externship
  • on the job;

We also consider

International Standard Classification of Education UNESCO

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The Institute study programs are aimed at continuing professional development

— ongoing process of learning and skills improvement for specialists after their graduation — which enables the specialist to maintain or improve the standards of professional activity and lasts throughout the period of his professional activity.

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The programs include opportunities as follows:

Advanced Training
Certificate Courses
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The study programs of The National Scientific and Educational Institute of Evidence-Based Psychotherapy are developed, approved and accredited with involvement of leading institutions and recognized experts from Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA and the EU countries.

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The organizations listed below are guarantees of the international level of the offered study programs:

World Association for the Support of Scientists LLC, Delaware (USA)

(Registration Number 3916935)

Project “Society for The Support of Publishing Initiatives and Scientific Mobility Limited”

(272 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JR Scotland)

The process of studying is held on the platform accredited in the USA and Great Britain.
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Upon successful completion of the study program, the trainee (student, intern, etc.) is issued a respective document (certificate, credential etc.) of Ukrainian and British standards:
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)

– for post-master’s grade students (specialist diploma, master’s degree, retraining diploma)

Certificate of Advanced Study

– for students without master’s degree

PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) Diploma

– for post-master’s and post-doctor’s grade students (candidates/ PhD)

Who we are and what we do for Successful Business

Certificate (Diploma) Supplement according to the standard is issued together with certificates (diplomas).
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS)

– a document on completion of a post-master’s program (for those having a specialist’s or master’s degree), the program allows students to expand their knowledge through an integrative study program and gives an opportunity to gain specialization. Every CAGS program assumes an individual study plan with content and terms defined by the Institute together with a student. CAGS corresponds to license, certificate, credential/diploma on advanced training through continuing professional development authorized in Ukraine.

Certificate of Advanced Study

– a document on program completion for specialists without a master’s degree. Obtaining this document certifies the acquisition of knowledge and competences in a certain subject, but does not provide for the possibility of obtaining specialization, since the learner does not yet have a master’s degree.

PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) Diploma / Professional Doctorate / Професійний докторський ступінь.
  • Professional Doctorate – is a professional non-academic degree for experienced specialists in clinical (medical) psychology, psychological counseling, psychotherapy, psychology for organizations (behavior in organizations).
  • PsyD can also be awarded to the learner on the basis of certificate courses (study program) completed before in other institutions recognized by the professional community and accrediting body; as a result of scientific publications in acknowledged media and author’s practical guides, programs or manuals etc.

PsyD professional degree differs from PhD, though PsyD holders have more advantages in obtaining a license to conduct practice as a psychologist in the USA, UK and various EU countries.

More detailed description of differences between PsyD and PhD you can find by the link.